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Be A Pirate

Its that time of year again. Once every year, Beaufort is overrun by pirates! The “Beaufort Pirate Invasion” celebrates the local history, specifically the influence of pirates, including one of the most famous pirates, Edward Teach commonly known as Blackbeard. Volunteers and residence don eye-patches, tricorn hats, and striped leggings to walk the streets of Beaufort intimidating summer tourists. The reenactment represents an actual pirate invasion of the town of Beaufort from the summer of 1747. The town watched helplessly as a group of pirates they stole their ships right out of their very own harbor. The greedy pirates wanted the whole town to themselves. They returned two months later and took the town. The local militia tried to fight off the invaders, but failed at first. The scoured the countryside and were able to round up about 100 farmers and residence to help take the town back. This time they won. According to legend, the town is haunted by a few of the pirates killed during the battle!

This year is the 300th anniversary of Edward Teaches or Blackbeard’s death. He plagued the costs of the outer banks of North Carolina for many many years and was known to have taken up residence in the town of Beaufort at one time. He made his home base the Outer Banks and plundered all up and down the coast. The residents of North Carolina became tired of constantly being robbed with no help from a week North Carolina Governor. They turned towards their neighbor and solicited the help of Virginia’s Governor. Virginia’s Governor sent Lt. Robert Maynard. Maynard successfully beat Blackbeard and his crew. They killed Blackbeard and his crew at Ocracoke Inlet.

Beaufort really goes all out! There are pirate activities all over the historic downtown area. The actual invasion will take place right on the waterfront. They will have at another location in the historic town a reenactment of an encampment, a ship’s surgeon at work, sailors tying knots and even an actual blacksmith demonstrating his craft.

We love our pirates at The Crafty Attic. Come with your family and” invade” The Crafty Attic, and make your own unique pirate invasion souvenir this year. We have our own version of a “Jolly Roger” pirate or if you want to make your own hidden treasure chest we have those too. Looking for something a little more menacing? We have big and small skulls with missing teeth and some even have a pirate’s bandana and eye patch. Ask about our same day pottery painting if you are just visiting. We also can ship your precious “pirate booty” to your home. If you are as brave as the local militia that took Beaufort back from the pirates then try our glass fusion art. We can show you how to make a glass pirate ship suncatcher or serving dish. There is nothing like making memories with your family and having something to remember those time with something they made. Not an artist? That’s okay! We can help you every step of the way.