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Currently available at Morehead City location only

Not only do we have a wide variety of mosaic base shapes, picture frames, trivets, trays, tables and shelves to create your unique mosaic design. Simply trace out your design on your base. Create you design with small multi-shaped glass or ceramic pieces. Glue in place.

Mosaics are great for all ages, we just ask that parents of small children (8 and under) work together with their child.

Pricing: $15 – $45

Need a little help?

You can take your mosaic project home the same day of its creation!. We can send home with you the easy to apply grout to be applied 24 hours after the glue has cured or you can simple return the next day to apply the grout at the studio.

Mosaic pricing is all inclusive and includes the base, glue, studio tools (cutting tools, shaping tools, brushes…), take home grout kit, supplies and assistance from our staff.